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Care Takers

We care to promote the cause of education amongst underprivileged children. The people behind the team Live Life Unplugged have envisaged children to be the building blocks of the future and hence have developed programs ranging from healthcare, education, livelihood, women empowerment to a system where privileged children can help their underprivileged counterparts.


Be the part of our noble cause by being the volunteers of Live Life Unplugged initiative. We invite you all the enthusiastic people who've the courage to serve our society helplessly. Our nation has provided us everything what we want now its’ our time to help our nation prosper. Join us and see our nation’s future come out with flying colours. Live Life Unplugged always welcome the support of Volunteer for our various life changing programs. We also offer Virtual Volunteership. Please fill the form and register yourself as a volunteer. We will contact you whenever we need you. The Volunteer Certificate of Recognition shall be provided only if you complete below Form and become Member of


Initiative to brew change

Live Life Unplugged is a non-profit community organization created mainly community from Company Secretaries. The organization is commiteed to bring positive change in terms of education, health, wealth, social awareness, upliftment of the poor section of the society which will be preserved permanently and only the income generated by the fund will be used to make grants to organizations. The foundation is mainly dedicated to provide humanitarian support to qualified not- for- profit organizations throughout all states of India.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are idealistically motivated persons who want to devote some portion of their lives to serving others. It is personal wish/desire of the individual to do volunteer services to organization. Individual are coming for voluntary services to get self-satisfaction for them. Many a times, you feel compelled to work for a good cause but somehow your engrossing daily routine holds you back. And then when you get time to look back, you try to convince yourself by saying that ‘If I had time, I would have contributed my bit to the society’.

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