James Craft


James is an Ordained Pastor and holds a Masters in Executive Leadership with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution and Team Building, as well as a member of the Townsend Leadership Program. James is a Certified Executive and Recovery Coach, mentoring leaders in ministry, leadership, business and recovery around the globe. He has dedicated his life to speaking, coaching, and leading others regarding relational, behavioral and organizational health. He and Teri co-founded and direct, The NOUVS PROJECT, a non-profit organization that brings awareness, tools, and support to schools regarding media misuse. James is featured in, as well as trains leaders on how to effectively launch and facilitate the Conquer Series, and will appear in the Kingdom Works Studios three new video series dealing with betrayal and marriage & family health. James is also a member of the Townsend Leadership Program. Contact James for information regarding speaking, coaching, recovery or Conquer Series training.