Meet The Life Unplugged Founders

The Life Unplugged story began with James and Teri Craft along with a group of individuals and couples who were personally impacted by a journey of marriage restoration and recovery. What they discovered was the compelling truth that as they walked alongside others who were in need of enrichment and recovery, marriages and family systems grew stronger and more resilient. The story spread and as more marriages and families who were in need of environments of awareness, growth and

healing multiplied, Life Unplugged was established to meet the need. What started as a discussion grew into a movement to provide a healing challenge to a hurting world. If you are in need of enrichment, recovery, or healing, the trained and certified team at Life Unplugged is here to partner with you…right where you are. Please consider sponsoring an individual or couple in need of enrichment and recovery, help make a dream a reality and check out our donation page!

James Craft

James holds a Masters in Executive Leadership with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution and Team Building. He has also been trained in the Townsend Leadership Model. James is a Certified Executive, Marriage, and Recovery Coach mentoring leaders in ministry, leadership, business, and recovery around the globe. He has dedicated his life to speaking, coaching, writing, and leading others regarding relational, behavioral, and organizational health. James is featured in the Conquer Series and appears in various courses on the small group video series on the streaming network

Teri Craft

Teri is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Marriage & Recovery Coach, and holds a Masters in Professional Counseling from the Townsend Institute. She has been trained in Pastoral Marriage and Family Counseling, and leads women’s groups for personal growth as well as for those who have experienced betrayal and personal loss. Teri has dedicated her life to speaking, leading, writing, and training others regarding relational and organizational health. She is featured in the Conquer Series, and appears in various courses on the small group video series

Michael & Debbie Rasa

Michael and Debbie are the Executive Directors of Life Unplugged. They have a blended family with both Michael and Debbie being married previously, providing them with the needed perspective and experience to encourage those who are navigating the complexities of a blended household. They have successfully established and propelled numerous business organizations to award winning status and success. They now dedicate their life by investing in other people’s marriages, helping others process the difficulties of a blended household, as well as those healing through betrayal and loss. Michael and Debbie also have a heart to walk alongside those dealing with the damaging impact of pornography, drug and alcohol addiction, and those who are feeling hopeless and believe the only way out is divorce. Michael and Debbie work closely with James and Teri Craft to restore relationships and marriages through the implementation of tools and tested strategies that foster hope, direct programs and fundraising efforts, and provide top-notch experiences for transformational growth. They are happily married and have three grown daughters, three son-in-law’s, and six grandchildren.