Upcoming Events

Marriage Unplugged Retreat & Intensive

Steamboat Springs, CO | 2022

For the ultimate experience in personal and marital growth, Marriage Unplugged is what you’ve been waiting for! The MU journey begins with an amazing weekend retreat in a stunning 14,000 square foot estate in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. During this weekend retreat, you and your spouse will experience the Life Unplugged Difference up close through process group participation, individual and couples assessments, one-on-one time with Founders James and Teri Craft and MU Executive Directors Michael and Debbie Rasa. You and your spouse will also be taking in the beauty of the surroundings in your comfortable room with private bath. After the weekend retreat, you and your spouse will embark on a journey that includes weekly one-on-one coaching calls or couples online coaching for 3-months. You will also get the benefit of monthly webinars with the cohort of the 4 to 6 couples you met at the weekend retreat. (Airfare and transportation not included.) For more information about Marriage Unplugged, check out our videos below and contact us today!

Women’s Wellness Retreat

Steamboat Springs, CO | 2022

Can you imagine spending a long weekend surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Colorado Rockies? The Life Unplugged team has created an opportunity for a small group of women to step out of their ordinary hectic life and rest, recuperate, and contemplate at this unique guided retreat with Founder Teri Craft and Executive Director Debbie Rasa. Women will stay in a 14,000 square foot mountain estate with private rooms and baths. Participants will enjoy delicious meals, process group discussions, unwind in the hot tub or sauna, and have access to a private gym.

Women who attend the Wellness Retreat will also receive 3 months of personal coaching sessions and the opportunity to join the cohort in 3 follow-up webinars to stay connected and process life. Accommodations, food, and follow-up sessions are all included in the cost.

Space is limited for this event. For more information and to register, click the button below.

The Men’s Summit Intensive

Steamboat Springs, CO | 2022

We are inviting men of all ages to join Life Unplugged Founder James Craft and Executive Director Michael Rasa on an adventure you’ll never forget. The Summit Intensive is a 3-day journey where men will stay at Rasa Ridge, a mountain estate in Steamboat, Colorado. Here in the majestic beauty of the Colorado Rockies, men will disconnect and then rewire the way they think, feel, and live through process-group participation and targeted teaching. After the 3-day retreat Intensive, men will be personally coached for the following 3 months through one-on-one online sessions and cohort webinars with top-notch leaders from around the globe. Accommodations, food, and 3-month follow-up are included in the cost.

Space is limited for this event. For more information and to register click the button below.