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There is hope! You are not alone...

Embracing Life's Challenges

There are a lot of circumstances and choices that have brought you to this moment in time. We understand that life can be challenging. We also understand, through first-hand experience, that there is hope. If you find yourself needing assistance navigating an addiction journey, infidelity, betrayal trauma, or loss, we are here to walk alongside you. The Life Unplugged team is committed to finding the best fit for you, whether it is working with one of our certified coaches, or helping you find the best solution for your needs. 

You are not alone.


Life Unplugged 

Recovery Coaching Intensives 

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Recovery Options


Marriage Recovery 

Are you looking for help and healing in your marriage?

We offer couples the opportunity to meet with our certified coaches online, and walk through a unique coaching process of healing, trust building, and restoration.

We also offer unique marriage intensives. 



Individual development

Are you looking for a recovery coach, or a life coach to help you navigate the impact of betrayal trauma or loss?

We even have coaching options for teens and young adults who have been impacted by addiction and loss in their families.

Life Unplugged offers customized coaching opportunities for individuals as well as those in business and non-profit environments. (All sessions are online)


Process Groups 

Are you looking for a process group to supplement your individual recovery work?


Life Unplugged offers opportunities for men and women to walk with others on a journey of discovery and healing.

(All Recovery Process Groups are online) 


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