• James and Teri Craft

The Summit Series Challenge

This August, LIFE UNPLUGGED founder James Craft and 4 other men will embark on an adventure to hike the first half of the Colorado Trail. They will backpack over 200 miles, mostly above 10,000 feet, will spend 14 nights on the trail, and will summit one of the highest peaks in Colorado. The higher purpose of the journey is to raise funds for individuals, marriages, and families to receive scholarships through the initiatives of Life Unplugged. The need for assistance is currently overwhelming from people reaching out for help and coaching in their individual lives, marriages, and parenting struggles. Another important goal is to produce a set of videos, (Summit Series) targeted toward men in need of hope, inspiration, restoration, and recovery. The collective goal is to bring awareness to the value of character, marriage, and family, and to create a catalyst for conversations that lead to transformation.

The Summit Series team will capture video footage along every step of the adventure. The beauty of the Colorado Trail will be the perfect backdrop to the honest and open conversations about what it looks like to be a man of character at home, at work, and when no one is looking.  This group of men is committed to radical transparency concerning the real issues facing men, husbands, fathers, and followers of Christ in our modern world. This unique footage will provide a launch pad to start much needed discussions with men from all walks of life. Imagine the impact of hearing the vulnerable insights of five men from the across the nation who openly share their stories regarding the pitfalls that they have encountered in life and how they have, or are, currently overcoming those challenges! Would you consider partnering with us in this important work with a tax-deductible donation?


(All Donations are tax-deductible) 

$1 per mile = $230

$2 per mile = $460

$3 per mile = $690

$4 per mile = $920

$5 per mile = $1,150

$10 per mile = $2,300

$20 per mile = $4,600

$50 per mile = $11,500

$100 per mile = $23,000


(For more information regarding the benefits of business sponsorship, contact James Craft)

Gold Level = $10,000+

Silver Level = $5,000

Bronze Level = $3,000

To sponsor a Summit Series Team Member or Partner with Life Unplugged as a Business Sponsor click on our DONATE PAGE.

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