• James and Teri Craft

Welcome to Life Unplugged!

The Life Unplugged story began with a group of parents, professionals, and leaders who were personally impacted with the effects of media upon their lives and those they love, joining together in a discussion. What was birthed out of that discussion in 2015 was the desire to bring awareness, tools, and support to the next generation, schools, and families through the creation of a non-profit organization called THE NOVUS PROJECT.

For four years, THE NOVUS PROJECT has faithfully served thousands of families, churches, and schools across the nation through presentations and awareness events regarding media misuse and the dangers of explicit material upon our developing youth. What emerged from these efforts and interactions was the reality that in order to truly impact the youth of our nation, their parent’s marriages, and family systems desperately needed environments of awareness, growth, and healing as well.

This strong conviction has led to an updated mission and the launch of Life Unplugged! We exist to offer growth and Christ centered transformational opportunities to individuals, married couples, and families amidst a media driven world. We have expanded efforts to provide a healing challenge to a hurting world through coaching, marriage and family intensives, podcasts, leadership training events, and our existing school presentations, with three distinct initiatives under the umbrella of Life Unplugged!

· Marriage Unplugged

· Family Unplugged

· Leadership Unplugged

You may be wondering where THE NOVUS PROJECT ( fits in all of this? We will continue to impact schools through THE NOVUS PROJECT with One Click Away, and One Day Away campaigns under the covering of our Family Unplugged initiative, but provide a more comprehensive approach to support the entire family unit with all three of the initiatives working in conjunction.

It is our deepest desire to serve marriages and families as they navigate life in this media driven world. Join us as we LIVE LIFE UNPLUGGED!

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