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It's time to unplug from the noise and plug into what matters most.

It's time to discover the difference with Life Unplugged.

A healthy marriage is foundational for a flourishing family and the key to a lasting legacy

But the reality is that marriage -- and really, just life -- can be hard.

Of course, it can also be intensely fulfilling and unbelievably joyful! But when we don't have the tools and support to get through the lows and plateaus of a lifelong commitment, the highs become harder to come by and more difficult to more


Are you ready to discover the difference?

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through coaching, intensives, and retreats.



in leadership, coaching, consulting, and counseling.



from betrayal, stagnation, and disconnection.

Ready to discover the difference?

For yourself

For yourself

Get the real-person coaching you need to uncover what’s holding you back, dislodge the sticking points, and move towards the abundant life you’re longing for.

For your marriage

For your marriage

Get the support you need to strengthen your relationship so you can sustain connection through all the inevitable challenges of a lifelong partnership.

For your team

For your team

Get the tools you need to promote healthy working relationships while supporting flourishing marriages for your team members.

For Your Recovery

For Your Recovery

Get the structure you need to address addiction, heal from trauma, and move towards recovery -- no matter what you're struggling with.

James & Teri Craft

Hey! We’re James and Teri Craft

And we're here to come alongside you as you unplug from the noise and connect with the relationships that matter most.

We know we’re not the only ones who have been devastated by betrayal and confounded by isolation. While walking our own journey of recovery and restoration, we realized that the root of so many breakdowns in marriage is a lack of connection. From the demands of work to the onslaught of media, we can so easily lose touch with what matters most: the people we love.

We've learned that even the healthiest-looking marriages can have hidden cracks that will shatter the relationship if left unattended. We experienced the effects of that. But then we also saw what can happen when people come-alongside you to help you unplug from the noise and intentionally connect -- with your real self, with your spouse, and with your family. Those shattered pieces can be reused to create something new and beautiful.

And that's the heart behind Life Unplugged. It was born out of personal experience that led to a profound desire to help others discover the fullness of a life that's present and connected.

Our mission is to come alongside people who want to cultivate healthy marriages and flourishing families.

Are you ready to live life unplugged?

Real people. Real transformation.

Find out why people like you are choosing Life Unplugged.

"Before working with the Crafts, I didn’t have the language or permission (from myself) to share how I was truly feeling. It was easier to dismiss my feelings, believing they didn’t matter. In a big “aha” moment, Teri helped me to see how I was always putting myself behind the scenes, trying to make everyone else happy. She had me visualize a family portrait, but I wasn’t even in it! Since then, I’ve learned to give myself permission to show up and take up space. I’ve gained the tools to attune to myself and my family and the language to communicate what I’m feeling and experiencing. I now know that it’s not only OK, but healthy, to invest in myself!"

- Kylie

- Kylie

“When we arrived at the Marriage Unplugged Intensive, our marriage was lacking in so many areas. But with the practical teaching, the spiritual connection, the accountability, and the way the Crafts truly care about you as an individual and for your marriage, our marriage is now truly thriving! It’s been the BEST two years of our 20 years of marriage!

- Annaliese

- Annaliese

Are you ready for Life Unplugged?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to growth and transformation. Our come-alongside approach to coaching allows us to get to know you and help you determine which opportunity makes the most sense for you right now in your transformative journey towards a more present and connected life.


Send us an initial inquiry to let us know what's going on -- feeling stuck? Experiencing betrayal? Navigating a new season? You're not alone.


We’ll schedule a time to get to know you a little and help you map out a customized plan for your specific needs.

Discover the Difference

You're not alone in this anymore. Through the ups, downs, and plateaus, you'll have a coach (and community!) for support along the way. And best of all, you'll get to experience the freedom and fullness of living YOUR life unplugged!

Ready to unplug from the noise and connect with what matters most?

Reach out for a free consultation.

Let us know where you’re at and what's going on. We'll connect with you to determine first steps. We know you may feel hopeless or isolated, but the fact that you're here now says you care. And that's the most vital component of making a change. We are so glad you're here and we're looking forward to connecting with you! Let us come alongside you as you pursue a healthier you, a more connected marriage, and a flourishing family. We know it's possible and we're here to help you see it come to fruition.

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