Come-alongside-coaching for healing, reconciliation, and restoration.

Recovery Coaching

There is hope.

When you're in the midst of a crisis, you need help now. Whether you're facing addiction, betrayal, infidelity, or loss, you were not meant to figure it out alone. White-knuckling won't lead to real transformation and ignoring the issue will not result in lasting healing. We know first-hand how hopeless life can feel at times. And that's why we are here to offer you the hope you need. Because through our own experiences with life's challenges, we found that there is hope. We are here to come-alongside you on your journey towards recovery, offering a new way to embrace life's challenges.

We're here to come-alongside you and guide you towards hope and freedom.

Recovery Offerings

For Men

For Men

Come-alongside a group of other men on a journey of discovery and healing.

Our Recovery Groups are the perfect supplement to your individual coaching/counseling journey. They are all online and hosted in a group format.

Topics Include:

  • Addictions Recovery

  • Betrayal and Infidelity Recovery

For Women

For Women

Come-alongside a group of other women on a journey of healing and growth.

Sometimes we need the validation, attunement, and identification of others in a safe group setting. Join one of our virtual or in person recovery groups to find the nourishment you need.

Topics Include:

  • Love Addiction Recovery

  • Betrayal Trauma Recovery

For Marriages

For Marriages

Allow our coaches to guide you through crisis and towards recovery.

We offer couples the opportunity to meet with our certified coaches online and walk through a unique process of healing, trust-building, and restoration for your marriage in all stages of the recovery journey.

We can assist you with:

  • Disclosure

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Assessment after a rupture

How It Works

If you are in need of Recovery Coaching, we are here for you.

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Ready to begin your road to recovery

We know recovery can feel daunting, overwhelming, and honestly just impossible at times. That’s why we’re here. To provide the support, structure, and resources in your road to recovery. Will you let us come alongside you?