Come-alongside-coaching for the ones who want a free, full life.

Individual Coaching

You are not alone.

You have friends. You have family. So what's the value of a coach?

We’re glad you asked. We like to think about coaching like this – when you hire a coach in any realm of life, you’re getting an expert who will help you learn and master something. As relationship coaches, we have professional training (and personal experience!) that equips us to come alongside you to navigate the challenges of life, which often involves the people in your life. Unlike your (amazing!) family and friends, we offer an objective perspective that can see and say things that others in your life can’t (or won’t). And unlike your friends and family, we don’t have a personal stake in your choices. We aren’t impacted by your confessions. We aren’t judging your fears and opinions. We are simply here for YOU. You get the benefit of our expertise and objectivity as we guide you towards whole-hearted living and healthier relationships. And with Life Unplugged coaches, you also get the benefit of someone who truly cares about you and is committed to your flourishing.

We have a proven process that is founded in experience and grounded in grace.

Individual Coaching Packages

We have found that coaching is most effective when we can walk with you over a period of time. For that reason, we offer packages that allow you to maximize savings throughout your coaching journey.



4 Sessions


priced at $200/session



12 Sessions


priced at $150/session



8 Sessions


priced at $175/session

Individual Coaching can help you:

  • Move from confusion to clarity.

  • Understand the root of what feels overwhelming and find rest.

  • Build healthy communication patterns.

  • Finally get the validation, attunement, and encouragement that you’ve been needing.

  • Let go of patterns that keep you stuck.

  • Embrace a new path and find purpose.

  • Increase self-awareness so you can expedite your growth.

“My experience with working with Teri has honestly been more than I hoped for or imagined! The way God has used the combination of the excellent material, Teri’s amazing leadership, and her authentic support has helped me to feel that I am not alone. She has made this painful journey feel like an incredible gift!”


How It Works

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